About Us

About Us

The LBHA or the League of the Best Historians in America in an organization that takes care of collating, and self-keeping of all information related to the interesting history of the United States including the rich history during the period of Indian War. Composed mainly of academicians, amateur historians, students, and Custer’s fans – the members of this organization only hopes to uphold the responsible use of information and intellectual discussion on the subject.

We all know that with the development of the World Wide Web today, every information we could only just dream of becomes easier to acquire. The story of the past is easily learned with just one click of the finger. The downside of this, however, is the validity of the sources.

Are all this information valid? Of course not. We are left to our own devices to discern between the truth and lies, the real accounts of past events and the perceived truth, and between reality and fantasy. As much as we want this to be an easy job for us, it is not. People nowadays take advantage of how fast the internet could respond to our inquiries and twist the facts with the malicious intention of rewriting history.

This is why the LBHA was created. The organization aims to provide you with the most credible information you can find about the American history backed up by legitimate documents. We do not just teach here what you should learn but give you the materials to learn it on your own. We do not give you our opinions to swallow but give you the opportunity to come up with your own conclusion. Of course, all these are based on facts.

League of the Best Historians in America is dedicated to upholding honesty and credibility when it comes to the information they hold. Information is power, and we want to pass this right power for generations to come.