Trisha P.
My friends and I went to this place the other night. I am new to this but most of my friends are regular customers. I was hesitant to join them at first because I’ve never been to a Bar and Grill before. But I was glad I did come along because I realized how great it was to spend time in a bar at night. The bands that play here every night are so cool and so good, including the soloists, so it’s really fun to come here. I guess I’ll be coming here more often with them after that night.

Elaine T.
I always visit The Lodge for brunch since I’m not really a morning person. I miss breakfast most of the time and I’m too busy to even make one. Instead of making breakfast and be late at work, I eat here at The Lodge because it’s close to my place and they serve great dishes too. I’ve grown used to coming here that it has almost become a routine for me. The last thing I wish is that they build a branch of The Lodge near my workplace so I can visit with my friends after work next time.

Daniel K.
I have always been a regular customer of The Lodge. My habit of coming here all the time started a few years ago when my friends took me here. Now, I go here even if I’m alone. They ask me if I ever get sick visiting this place but I only find that question funny. I don’t get bored for visiting and dining here because they always have new dishes now and then. They also have bands and artists playing and singing live so I am more than happy to always be here.